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    Eastern labour

    We are bridging Western know-how with
    Eastern labour for the sake of excellent food
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    equipment & components

    We offer wide range of high quality packaging,
    equipment & components from our international partners.
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    With profound professional skills,
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Who We Are

Learn more about our company and what we do.

The company SID 97 is working on the Bulgarian Food processing market since 1997.

In the beginning the activities of the company were mainly related with installation of machinery in the Food Industry.

The experience accumulated over the year of projects, the highly qualified stuff, the flexible solution management, the new trends in engineering and the cooperation with World leading companies leads to expansion of the activity and setting of new priorities in the development of SID - 97.

Today we work in the field of:

Food Industry, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical industry and Chemical industry.


  • To keep, maintain and develop the traditions in the manufacturing in Food processing;
  • To introduce the new high quality advanced technology;
  • To ensure the implementation of the EU standards and directives;
  • To improve the technological features in manufacturing;
  • To increase production capacities;
  • To reduce the energy costs;
  • To preserve our environment.

Erection and reconstruction of food processing plants

  • Preparation of technological projects;
  • Engineering;
  • Supply of equipment, components, spare parts;
  • Installations;
  • Maintenance;
  • After sales service.

We are partnering with Minds Brandmakers from Austria. Their unique proposition is „Marketing & Technology“ in one

Branding of food & beverage

  • Brand strategy;
  • Brand positioning;
  • Brand manual;
  • Creative implementation.


Distributor of packaging systems(packaging, fi llers, downstream)

  • Elopak, Norway;
  • Waldner, Germany;
  • HPM, South Korea.

For Whom We Work

We have worked for domestic and multinational companies in following food & beverage sectors:

Dairy industry

Danone Sofia / UMC, Plovdiv, complete yogurt plant / Milkiex, Sevlievo, turn key dairy

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Non-alcoholic beverages and min.waters

Coca Cola HBC / Bankia min. water / Samarkand water plant

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Zagorka / Carlsberg / Kamenitza / Ariana / Astika / Britos brewery

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Loviko, Suhindol, piping / Samarkand winery / Cape town beverage

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GM, Sofi a, complete alcohol plant / Mlekara Subotica / Danone, Budapest

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Confectionery and pastries

Vinicoles / Loviko, Suhindol / Samarkand winery / Cape town bevarage

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Whom We Represent

We are the exclusive representative in the Balkan region of following companies:

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