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Milk processing machines

Complete technological lines from reception of raw milk to final product milk for drinking, yoghurt, white brined cheese, cottage cheese, dairy products with fruit;
Automated receiving and cooling lines for raw milk;
Automated thermization and pasteurization installations for milk;
Automation and modernization of existing equipment;
Automated systems for cleaning and disinfection (CIP) of technological machines and lines;
Warranty and post-warranty service;

Brewery lines

Installation of brewery lines;

Installation of equipment and technological lines;

Delivery of equipment and spare parts;

Warranty and post-warranty service;

Chocolate production lines

Installation of lines for the production of chocolate and chocolate products

Installation of technological pipelines;

Juice production machines

Installation of fruit juice production lines, fruit drinks, iced teas and mineral water. Delivery and installation of equipment. Delivery of spare parts;
Units for preparation of syrups and mixes;
Automatic pasteurization installations;
Technological pipelines;
Automated systems for cleaning and disinfection;
Warranty and post-warranty service;


Delivery, commissioning and servicing of filling machines for liquid dairy products and fruit juices ELOPAK
Delivery of cardboard packaging for dairy products and juices